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Sunmolin Coated Webbing

About Us

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 Sunmolin Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is a company focusing on TPU extrusion, which is originated from Yunze Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. Since founded in 2006, Our R&D team have been dedicated in TPU material for more than 10 years, we well know about the property & processing of TPU material, as well as the material supply chains. With the efforts, we developed double extrusion and multideck extrusion products.

We believe that each employee is our treasure. Our technology engineers are experienced on mould making, equipment developing and technology refresh, as well as an excellent solution on problem of TPU extrusion producing. We are trying our best to provide you the best products and service.


Why Choose Us?

1. More than 10 years' experience on TPU extrusion.
√ Suitable TPU raw material for different appearance of TPU webbing. 
√ Good control at size (width, thickness)
2. 6 production lines for TPU coated webbing. Over 15 production lines in total.
√ Less time for sample making.
√ Less producing time. So that you can recieve products earlier.
3. Good package
√ Not easy to get messy after long-distance transport.
4. Prototyping for TPU webbing
√ Two types of TPU webbing for choosing. TPU coated webbing & 100% TPU webbing.
√ Special shape TPU webbing customized for you to match your finished products.

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