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Acapulco Chair

Origin:    Date:2017-07-04

Acapulco Chair is a kind of famous woven chair used at outdoor. It is combined with metal frame and plastic ropes.

According to a story, Acapulco Chair is created by a french in Acapulco, a famous coastal city in Mexico. It is said that the french went to Acapulco to have a trip, but found there no suitable chair for sunbathe. Most chairs were too hot under sun or not waterproof.
When the french saw a hammock between two trees, he had an idea. He combined the metal frame and hemp ropes together, then a soft chair for sunbathe came out, which was named Acapulco chair.
With the development of the industrial revolution, people always try to find new better materials to make better tools. Until several years ago, most Acapulco Chair were made from light metal frame and PVC ropes. Today, people would like to find a new material to replace PVC rope because of the obvious shortage of PVC.
TPU is a choice. Compared with PVC, TPU is eco-friendly and stink-proof. So a chair made from TPU ropes would not be smelly to make people sick. Besides 100% TPU rope, TPU coated rope is also a new material for trying.


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