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Skiing bag

Origin:    Date:2017-07-07

Skiing is really popular in northern countries because of the natural climate and geography. Thus most people have their own sets of skiing outfits.
There is no doubt that skis and jackets are indispensable. Besides, a skiing bag is also necessary.
Generally, a traditional skiing bag is made of nylon fabric and woven webbing. As the development of technology, the waterproof property of skiing bag is becoming common. After all, snow and ice will soak the smart phones and clothes in bags. But another problem comes out: where to place the skis?
A skiing bag like this can solve the problem.


For the webbing at two sides of the bag, traditional woven webbing is not strong enough to hold the heavy skis. So we have TPU coated webbing to replace it.
TPU coated webbing is waterproof, cleanable and wear-proof, which is not easy to fracture. Some would like to choose PVC one because PVC webbing is cheaper. But PVC is not as eco-friendly as TPU. Moreover, PVC is smelly while TPU is stink-proof. Therefore, considering the health, TPU is a better choice.

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