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Anti lost wirst link strap

Origin:    Date:2018-09-06

The anti lost wrist link ,it prevent children don’t lost When it go out with family, Suitable for use in public places with crowded people like amusement park ,super markets, etc.

1.Anti lost wirst  rope adopt two Wrist ring, Connect the two sides with a elastic strap ,and children wrist have a lock to prevent the children from unlocking without  authorization.

2.soft double layer Velcro for kids hands, thin sponge pads will make both adult and child feel comfortable .

3.The metal connector can rotate 360 degrees to allow it to move freely.

4. The intermediate traction rope is covered with TPU material and contains steel wire, which makes it more safe and durable and not hurt the skin.In  addition, it has good resilience, can stretch.

5. of course, anti lost link strap  can not only be worn on adults' hands, but also can be buckled on the pram. Can also be laced on your shopping cart, etc.

TPU coated steel wire rope 
TPU  coated   steel wire  rope


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