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How to pick dog collar?

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

Every time when we enter to Pinterest, you'll see a lot of cute photo sharing of kittens and puppies. It's so cute,not just on social networks. In life we will also see owners take their pet dogs out walk about in parks and other leisure places. But for people who are afraid of dogs,owners have to wear collars to dogs,first to avoid injuries peoples,and second, to fear that their BABY pets will run away! You can see pet collar is very important,of course, it's also very important to choose the right collar, so let Sunmolin show you know the new eco-friendly dog collar!


Many people are reluctant to put their pet wear collars,which is not conducive to the free exercise of their pets. In addition, when they wear collars,when pets are free to move,it is easy to get the collar dirty,but the owner is very reluctant to clean it.The collar is very dirty,and the collar also adhere to a large number of mold,affecting the health of pets. And most of these reasons,mainly because of choosing the wrong collar, so how to define a good pet collar?  A good pet collar needs to be easy washable first, if not, then the collar will keep growing mold,the result If you can only choose a new one,that means cleaning the collar is easy to replace, which means that it is not sustainable,and most of these are made of woven materials.They are not easy to clean,they are not wear-resistant,and they are particularly easy to wear. So the TPU dog collar is your best choice!



TPU coated collars of their main advantage is eco-friendly,first of all,outer mainly include TPU coated materials, non-toxic harmless, it covered by a layer of plastic film, makes the collar is very easy to clean,and general than ordinary pet collar should be wear-resisting,hydrolysis resistance,and easy cleaning,as well as saving time, Isn't that great? Yes! So you should  choose this new type TPU coated dog collar!
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