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How much do you know bus handle?

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

Nowdays.bus,subway,everyone is very familiar with,It’s commonly used transportation vehicle, every rush hour, the carriage is full of people!It's really crowded!So if you're lucky enough to have a seat at this point, you're relatively safe when the car brakes sharply. But what about the people standing there? If you don't have a bus strap, then you are basically hard to maintain balance! you have to keep it balance by handle strap, When a car has an accident, you have little or no buffer time, which poses a great threat to your safety. Not only that, but it will also cause damage to other people in the car. After all, the space is limited, and the space for activities is limited, so everyone must do a good job and grab the handle! Be responsible to yourself and others .  


With the improvement of people's environmental awareness , people pay more and more attention to green travel and have higher requirements on the means of transportation.On this basis, Sunmolin invested in the research and development of flame-retardant buses hand-straps came into being. Sunmolin bus handle has the characteristics of good hand feeling, eco-friendly, wear-resisting and easy cleaning, and is widely used in buses and subways in major cities.The TPU handle belt is a layer of TPU coated on the outside the ribbon,which makes the glue and the ribbon stick together tightly.The hand-holding belt of bus made of TPU adhesive tape has the characteristics of anti-dirt, wear-resisting, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew proofing, anti-aging etc.

Inferior bus handle

Compared with the traditional bus handle belt, the bus handle produced by our company is superior. The traditional bus handle is not wear-resistant. After a period of use, it has been damaged and blackened. It looks particularly ugly,and the  bus handle that is not resistant to wear is prone to breakage, which poses a safety hazard. We also often see news about people injuries caused by broken bus handles,so it is important to choose a high-quality TPU bus handle.

Sunmolin    high quality   TPU  bus  handle

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