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TPU coated webbing VS PVC coated webbing

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

In our daily life, plastic coated webbing is very widely used, because it is more durable and waterproof than ordinary webbing. Plastic coated webbing  usually have two kinds of materials, one is TPU coated webbing  and the other is PVC coated webbing. So What is the difference between them?
1.Color difference: for long time use transparent TPU will have Yellow -stain, while PVC generally has blue and yellow stain.
2.Hardness division: TPU hardness have shore A 60 -- shore D 85, while PVC hardness is generally is shore A 30-120.
3.Performance difference: TPU is superior to PVC in abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and resilience.
4.Environment friendly : TPU has good environmental safety performance. It does not contain plasticizer and phthalates. PVC will cause environment problems.
5.Smell difference: TPU products have no smell and PVC products have strong pungent smell.



So choose tpu coated nylon webbing is better  than PVC coated webbing. And to know  more details about TPU  coated webbing straps. Please click in our website.


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