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Waterproof dog collar

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

In  this modern time,more and more people will have a puppy. Why? Because they are really cute, They bring a lot of fun to their owners in life. For example,they can go out for a walk together. In this  time,the owner will put a dog collar on the dog when they go out. So I have a questions !


What kind of pet collar would you choose? What features do most owners consider when choosing a collar? There is not doubt that is the quality of the dog collar. Most often,we choose durable and waterproof dog collar,also to have a good wear resistance!


So how to define wear resistance?The material is the key point,and common collar is nylon material mostly,so nylon dog collar  quality is generally easy to dirty,no waterproof and easy to mold, in order to solve this problem,appeared on the market of TPU coated pet collar. The collar made by eco-friendly material TPU,TPU nonpoisonous and harmless, and wear resistance is very good,moreover is the water proofing property well.


So if you show you dog go to sea swimming,you don't have to worry about the dog collar not waterproof.

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