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What is a waterproof dog collar?

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

There's no doubt that it's waterproof. Why does dog collars need to be waterproof feature?
The reason is that non-waterproof pet collars are easy to breed bacteria and are not easy to clean, which makes the dog collar not durable. So this pet collars do not have much advantage.Next, I recommend a new waterproof durable tpu puppy collar.



Waterproof Tpu dog collar is a new kind of pet collar, it made of eco friendly materials Tpu, traditional collar generally adopts single webbing, so do not have good waterproof and resistance to wear, and waterproof Tpu collar through the outer cladding Tpu material, make the collar more a layer of protection, its waterproof effect very good, you just need to will wipe the water surface, also won't cause mildew, What's more, the wear resistance is very good, such eco-friendly pet collars!You can also try it!

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