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Dirt-proof test of TPU coated webbing

Origin:    Date:2017-06-05

 What’s the advantage of TPU coated webbing compared with nylon webbing? The first point is dirt-proof property. Because of the outer coated TPU, webbing is protected to separate with dirt and even the air.

Today, we have an experiment to test this property.


1. Scissor
2. A piece of nylon webbing
3. A piece of TPU coated webbing
4. A cup of muddy water
5. A cup of clear water
6. A piece of tissue

First, we soaked nylon webbing into muddy water and then soaked it into clear water. After scrubbing by tissue, the nylon webbing was really dirty.
Next, we did the same steps for TPU coated webbing. According to the video, we can see that the TPU coated webbing is easy to clean and can also stop the dirty water spread over the whole nylon webbing.

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