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Why do you choose TPU coated webbing ?

Origin:    Date:2019-01-07

 Firstly. Webbing  strap is very extensive in the application of our life,common a backpack straps, safety rope shield,medical stretcher bandages and dog collar and so on,so if not have other materials to coated webbing,it can to make the use of these applications have longtime?

Secondly,The answer is no,on the one hand,Through this experiment,it shows that uncoated webbing is poor wear resistance, easy to damage and easy to dirty. On the other hand ,Sunmolin production plastic webbing outer layer is made of high quality TPU coated,the inner layer for nylon webbing or polyester webbing,with Sunmolin unique package glue production process, make between the two, more perfect fusion, effectively improves the practicability of TPU sandwich belt and beautiful degree,besides, the advantage of easy cleaning is attractive. More importantly, the abrasion resistance and fastness of the tape are very important in many fields.


The following is a photo of the results of the Sunmolin  experiment.The comparison is quite obvious.so the best choice for you is to choose Sunmolin TPU polyester webbing strap!
To know more about the quality of the TPU coated webbing straps product details.please visit our official website, Sunmolin dedicated to your service!



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