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Seat cover

Piping cord is widely used in garments and bags for shaping. Piping cord is also named piping welt, piping trim or welt cord. For different usage, there are various kinds of piping cords, such as that made of cotton, polyester, nylon and plastic. For softer clothes, we usually used fibre piping cords, but for harder bags or other products, plastic piping cords may be supposed because of its better effect on shaping.

When it comes to plastic piping cords, there are two main types divided from materials: PVC piping cord and TPU piping cord. Besides bags, the main application of plastic piping welt, seat cover of car is another kind of usage.


In the last decade, most manufacturers chose PU welt cord or PVC welt cord to shape and edge seat covers. However, PU welt cord is not wear-proof so that decrease the service life of seat cover. The PVC one solves this problem, but PVC is not eco-friendly or even does harm to the environment and human himself.

TPU piping cord now becomes the choice of more and more manufacturers. As people and governments pays more attention to health and environment, manufacturers also tries to present eco-friendly products. Compared with PU piping welt, TPU piping cord is wear-proof and has better effect on shaping. For what is better than PVC one, TPU welt cord is stink-proof and eco-friendly.

There are two types of TPU piping welt: 100% TPU piping welt and TPU coated piping welt. As the words, 100% TPU piping welt is made of pure TPU without any fibre. And TPU coated piping cord is the polyester cord outer coated with TPU. Pictures as below.

100% tpu piping cordtpu piping welt

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