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What can we do?

1. Punching & Cutting

To meet customers' product request, we can cut our coated webbing into the length required. Moreover, if you need to punch the webbing, we can also help to finish the coated webbing. The gap and size of punch holes are customized. No matter for punching nor cutting, we are trying to provide clear cuts.



2. Riveting

Generally, our rivets are made of zinc-alloy, which is antirust and not easy to be got off. Within the rivets, we can provide you a more complete product.


3. Printing

This is the custom printing on inner webbing. Then we coat the custom webbing with clear TPU, which can protect inner webbing and printed pattern from damaging. Usually, the printed pattern is logo or your slogan.


4. Special shape

To make the TPU coated webbing more suitable for your products, you may need some special shape coated webbing. We are pleased to develop the new special shape TPU coated webbing for you.


5. Stitching

To make your products lighter, we can provide stitching on TPU coated webbing instead of riveting. Generally, the TPU coated webbing should be thin and soft if you need to stitch.


6. Coloring

Solid color or semi-clear color for TPU coated webbing is also provided. This is the natural color webbing outer coated with colored TPU. The color is customized and according to Pantone Num.


7. Embossed

Sometimes you may need some erose pattern on TPU webbing for better surface. We have tens of kinds of embossing moulds now. You can choose the one you like. If you have your own design, we are glad to make the new moulds with you.



8. Printing on TPU

If you want the TPU coated webbing with more special surface, we can also help to print some letters or pattern onto the webbing.


9. Weldable 

When TPU coated webbing is used in some products as accessory, you may need to stitch or weld it. TPU coated webbing from Sunmolin can be welded with radiofrequency.

weldable webbing

10. Logo engraving

Some customers may want their logos on coated webbing. Now we have two ways to add logo to TPU coated webbing. One way is print logo on braided inner webbing, then outer coated with transparent TPU. Another way is engraving logo on outer TPU.

logo engraved webbing

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