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How to maintain your surf leash?

For most surfers, surf leash is necessary as it is a security assurance when surfing. So for the safety of general surfing, to take a good care of your surf leash is important.


As we know, a surf leash is composed of metal parts, rope and Velcro straps. The first important thing is to avoid the metal parts to rust. When the metal part rust, surf leash will be easy to entwine your leg and take you to dangerous situation.


Secondly, the complete plastic rope or complete nylon/polyester rope is easy to be corroded by salty seawater. A strong leg rope is usually made from TPU coated nylon rope, which is the nylon rope outer coated with TPU.

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How to maintain it?

1. After surfing, wash your surf leash with fresh water.

2. Dry your surf leash

3. Hang your surf leash in dry, shady and cool. Remember to avoid rolling it up at corner.

4. If the metal part was rusted, or the rope is broken, just go ahead to buy a new one.


Ps. Some pictures of this article is from internet.

tpu coated rope cord

   TPU coated rope cord for surf leash

    Diameter: 7.5 mm

     Finish: glossy, flat

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tpu coated rope cord

   Abrasive resistant TPU coated rope cord

    Diameter: 7.5 mm

    Finish: glossy, flat

    Know More Details 

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