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TPU coated webbing for chin strap

American football is a fierce confrontational contact sport. Due to the violent collisions that are common in the game,players must wear protective gear to ensure safety.

American football basic protective equipment:

Helmet: Protects the entire head and protects the brain.

Braces: Protect teeth.

Shoulderguards: protect the shoulders.


American football football helmet

The football helmet is an indispensable protective device in rugby sports.

chin strap TPU coated webbing for chin strap

Because the helmet can protect the head, the helmet is also equipped with a protective chin strap, which can protect the chin from the impact of collision. The material of the chin strap is TPU coated nylon webbing, and the tpu coated webbing is eco friendly. And it is more durable and easier to clean than ordinary nylon webbing.

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