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Please walk the dog with dog leash

Few days ago, I saw a news about safety walking the dog. According the news, a little boy was bite by a dog when he wanted to play with the dog. One side of the boy’s face was left a big and long wound. There is a picture, but I don’t dare to put it on because that’s really dreadful.

Another terrible news was that a little dog was crashed by a car when it rushed cross the road. As to the dog’s master, it was just like lost a family.

Therefore, no matter for safety of dogs or other people, walk the dog with dog leash is necessary. To increase the safety factor, here we have some suggestion about choosing dog leash.

dog leash.jpg

1. Soundness

Soundness of a dog leash is important for both big dog and little dog. Generally, the thin and narrow leash is not suitable for a big dog.

2. Anti-mold

As summer is approaching, dog leash is easier to breed mold and get smelly in hot days. TPU dog leash is mouldproof and easy to clean.

3. Comfort

Besides dog collar, dog leash is also supposed to be comfortable to protect master from being hurt by dog leash.

4. Eco-friendly

It is believed that each master will give their best to pets. So when you are choosing dog collar or dog leash, try to notice the composition. For waterproof plastic dog collars, generally are made from PVC or TPU webbing. Compared with PVC, TPU is eco-friendly and stink-proof.


Finally, let’s take action and walk the dog with dog leash.


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