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TPU coated bus handle,nice!

The bus is a common means of transportation in daily life, and “crowded buses” are also the daily life of many office workers.When there are many passengers on the bus, we can only guarantee our own safety by grasping the handle on the bus. If sudden braking, inertia will cause us to fall forward.

bus handle

There are various kinds of handle straps on buses, and the commonly used bus handle straps are made of nylon webbing with plastic handles, so we can often see dirst and broken bus handle straps. It is very unsafe and unhygienic. Naturally, it will be eliminated by the market.

 tpu/pvc coated bus handle

Instead, the bus handle strap made of TPU coated webbing has the following characteristics:

1. Good abrasion resistance

2. Flame retardant

3. Strong pulling force

4. Easy to clean and prevent mildew

5. Eco friendly

 Fireproof tpu coated bus handle with zinc button


So it's a good choice to choose TPU coated webbing as the handle of bus.


Ps:The application pictures in this article is from internet.

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