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About the material of tpu coated webbing

The tpu coated nylon webbing strap is extrusion coated from tpu and nylon webbing.

Firstly, the coated webbing uses imported high-quality TPU raw materials. TPU is a thermoplastic elastomer with many advantages. For example, its hardness range is very wide, so its hardness is selected can according to different needs.

Secondly, TPU has good processability. For example, calendering, extrusion, injection molding and other processing methods can be used to produce the product, and TPU coated webbing is processed by the extrusion process. In addition, TPU also has oil, water and mold resistance. In the previous test, we used plastic coated webbing belt and ordinary nylon webbing as experimental objects. The experimental results show that the performance of TPU coated webbing is indeed better than ordinary webbing strap.

 Pink waterproof plastic coated webbing wholesale

Finally.about the inner webbing,you can choose nylon webbind or polyester webbing,if you need a webbing with flame retardant material, you can choose kevlar webbing.

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