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Choose a TPU piping cord manufacturer

There three regular method to make waterproof piping cord. We have an article to illustrate how to make waterproof piping trim. To get good waterproof performance, TPU / PVC coating and being made by these water resisting material will be better methods. If you are going to buy waterproof piping cord, no matter what kind of waterproof piping trim you choose, try to to choose a manufacturer. Why?


1. Better price


The cost is always the problem. In the same quality, the lower price means the higher profit. Choose a piping cord manufacturer, you will get the profit from intermediary. Actually, waterproof TPU piping cord is still not as widely used as normal nylon or PP piping tape because of the cost. So no matter manufacturers or intermediaries wont hold a large storage. Once customers send their request, the waterproof piping cord has to be customized. Therefore, both manufacturer and intermediary will guarantee their basic profit. More intermediaries means higher price to final customer.


2. Valid communication


Custom product must lead to complex communication. Direct producer is the most professional to TPU piping cord. Next, the customer server worked in factory. So when customer lists his requirement of custom waterproof piping cord, a professional customer server can help to decrease invalid communication and give customer what he need. But a intermediary might not professional enough. After all, intermediaries wont supply one type of product only.


3. Stable quality control


Professional manufacturer owns more initiative on quality control of TPU piping cord. After communication between customer and customer server, server communicate directly to piping cord producer. Thats not only a process of communication but also that of supervision. If customers need any feedback, server will response soon.


If you would like to choose Chinese piping cord manufacturer, here has some tips to help you.


1. Search in Google


Put in keywords in Google, such as TPU piping cord factory” and Waterproof piping cord manufacturer. Then you will find hundreds of results. Click the results that you are interested in. When you open a website, find about us” or other columns to know whether they are manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers will be glad to show their machines and factory on websites. However, some dishonest intermediaries would also announce that they are manufacturer. So manufacturing picture is not enough to estimate. Then you can watch suppliers’ video on website if they have. A TPU piping cord manufacturer would like to send his videos about producing process, packing process and factory environment. If you find these video, the website owner must be manufacturer.


2. Search in Alibaba


Put in product keywords in Alibaba, such as “TPU piping cord” and “waterproof piping cord”. Then choose “manufacturers” rather than “products” on the above tab. After clicking “search” button on the right, you will receive some results. These are all verified suppliers, which means they payed more shop rents to Alibaba.


To search more results, you should choose products tab and put in your keywords. Then click the product you are interested in. Next, you can find out the brief information about company in the card on the right, including the nature of firm, company name and shop of age. Here you can know whether the shop owner is manufacturer or trader. You can also click the card to know more information about the shop. Suppliers have to be qualified by Alibaba before opening shops in the e-commerce mall. So you can believe the company information that Alibaba provided.

Finally, we have another article about how to find a good TPU coated webbing manufacturer. Although TPU coated webbing is different from TPU piping cord, but the methods to estimate a good manufacturer is the same. Hope can help you.

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