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100% TPU webbing vs TPU coated webbing

The difference between 100% TPU webbing and TPU coated webbing:


1. 100% tpu webbing only needs to go through a simple extrusion process, while the process of tpu coated webbing is complex and diverse.

2.TPU coated nylon webbing has one more inner webbing than 100% tpu webbing.

3. In terms of feel, the tpu webbing feels lighter and softer. It is suitable for the backpack belt with low hardness requirements.

4. In terms of color, the color of pure tpu webbing can be customized into macaron color.

  100% TPU webbing

5. In terms of product appearance, the appearance of the tpu webbing is relatively simple, while the tpu coated webbing can add various patterns on the surface, and it can also be made into a transparent effect.

6.In terms of performance characteristics, The common feature of pure tpu webbing belt and tpu coated webbing is waterproof.  tpu coated webbing can be made by selecting flame retardant materials to have flame retardant effect.In addition, it’s tensile strength is better than ordinary 100% tpu webbing strap.

 TPU webbbing

All in all, they have their own characteristics. Customers can choose the right products according to their own product requirements. No matter whether they choose 100% tpu webbing belt and tpu coated webbing strap, they are both good choices, because they are environmentally friendly and durable products, more cost-effective than the nylon webbing.

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