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Different manufacturing technique: PVC coated webbing VS TPU coated webbing

There are several kinds of manufacturing technique for coating PVC webbing. One kind is extrusion. TPU coated webbing from Sunmolin is produced by extrusion machine. PVC coated webbing can also be produced by extrusion machine, even be easier to process than TPU one because of different property of these two materials.


Extruded coated webbing, no matter for PVC coated webbing or TPU one, will have controlled appearance. For example, matte PVC coated webbing, glossy TPU coated webbing, embossed TPU webbing are available. Generally speaking, extruded coated webbing has thicker TPU or PVC material on webbing. Because of the higher cost and more difficult processing technique of raw material, extruded TPU coated webbing has higher price. And extruded coated webbing generally used on outdoor products and some fashion products. But the choice of TPU or PVC is depends on customer’s consideration of health, price, durability or environmental friendliness.


tpu / pvc coated webbing tpu coated webbing

Another kind of manufacturing technique for coating PVC webbing is dipping. Refers to the property of TPU, there still have technical difficulty to produce dipped TPU coated webbing. Compared with extruded coated webbing, dipped coated webbing has thinner PVC material on webbing. It is because of the techniques characteristic of dipping. During the process when producing dipped PVC coated webbing, the braided polyester webbing will be pulled into the molten PVC material and soak. Then the soaked webbing be pulled out and finalize the shape.


Dipped PVC coated webbing is cheap, but the surface pattern depends on the braided webbing. Besides, compared with extruded coated webbing, dipped PVC coated webbing is harder and has rough surface and heavier weight. Usually, this kind of coated webbing is used for outdoor products that has low environmental friendliness request or has little need to touch people, such as curtainsider trucks, swimming pool covers or agricultural covers.

pvc coated webbing pvc coating machine

In another article, we talked about other difference between PVC coated webbing and TPU coated webbing.

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