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Two technology: TPU extrusion VS injection moulding

TPU is a kind of eco-friendly plastic material. There are several methods to process TPU, such as extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding and calendaring moulding. Here we talk about difference between TPU extrusion and injection moulding.


TPU extrusion is a process that depends on the interaction of extruder barrel and screw. The TPU raw material is plastified by being heated. At the same time, the heated TPU pushed forward by screw. Then the TPU material pass through machine head continuously. TPU extrusion can produce strip-shaped products in infinite length. TPU coated webbing and TPU tape ( mobilon tape ) is the representative TPU extrusion products.

50mm tpu coated webbingtpu tape mobilon tape

Injection moulding is a method to shape plastic or rubber material. It can produce products in any shape with injection moulding machine and shape moulds, which has obvious advantage on shaping compared with extrusion. Some application of injection moulding below:

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