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Is your webbing waterproof or splash-proof

Now we can find several types of webbing that announced to be waterproof. Are they really water resistant? Here we find three types of waterproof webbing and compare their water resistant performance.


The first type webbing is the braided webbing coated with a piece of PU film. The PU film is pasted on braided webbing through hot-pressing. For the part with PU film, it is waterproof, but the part without PU film can get wet. So this type of webbing is not completely waterproof.

The second type of webbing is the braided webbing coated with waterproof paint. The biggest advantage of this webbing is that it retains the fitness, softness and texture of braided webbing with waterproof performance. Nevertheless, waterproof paint can only help braided webbing keep away from spray. If this type of webbing was splashed by juice, you need to wipe it up immediately. Otherwise, the juice maybe permeate the webbing. So this is a type of splash-proof webbing.

The last type is TPU coated webbing, which is the braided webbing 360  outer coated with TPU through extrusion technique. This is a real type of waterproof webbing. Compared with the two types of webbing above, TPU coated webbing is stronger and harder. Its strength and hardness depends of the inner webbing and outer TPU. The thicker outer coated TPU leads to harder final webbing. On contrast, the thin TPU coated webbing is flexible and soft.

In conclusion, there are many advertise about waterproof webbing in market. But most of them are just splashed-proof, which can not keep water away in long time. So if you want to purchase waterproof webbing, please concern whether its waterproof or splash-proof.

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