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Why braided webbing should be pre-processed before coated with TPU

TPU coated webbing is a kind of waterproof, durable and cleanable webbing, which is the normal braided webbing outer coated with TPU. TPU coated webbing can be widely used in lots of industries, especially for outdoor products such as clotheslines, waterproof bags, hiking gaiters. However, to produce a qualified TPU coated webbing is not easy. One important thing is the pre-processing of braided webbing before coated with TPU.


Why braided webbing should be pre-processed?


First of all, the new come braided nylon webbing will be separated into several pieces. If there were too many separated pieces in this batch of webbing, we would re-produce the webbing. When the numbers of separated pieces are under requirement, the pieces will be connected into a consecutive webbing. It refers to the techniques of TPU coated webbing processing.


TPU coated webbing is a kind of exuded product. The character of exuding techniques decides that braided webbing should be connected into one whole piece. If there were too many braided webbing pieces, the exuding process would become complicated and led to massive waste of TPU.


Secondly, we can’t guarantee that the new come braided webbing is clean and has no dirt on it. So another reason to pre-process the webbing is to pick out the disqualified webbing.


Thirdly, the new come braided webbing usually contains moisture. During the coating process, the moisture will affect final webbing. For example, moisture leads to some bubbles in TPU to destroy the flat surface of coated webbing. Moreover, if the braided webbing wasn’t be pre-processed, there would be a big risk that braided webbing shrinks beyond our expectation. Therefore, new come webbing should go through the roaster before coating.

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