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How to use TPU piping welt

Piping cord is the round cord with bias tape for shaping. We can see nylon piping cord used in pillow and canvas bag. Just as its name implies, TPU piping cord is made from TPU material. Compared with nylon braided piping cord, the TPU one is waterproof and strong. But how to use piping cord?


Firstly, we should know that a piece of piping welt is combined with two parts: the round cord and the flat tape. Just saw as the picture below.


pure TPU piping cord TPU coated piping welt

The flat part of piping welt is used for sewing and connect another piece of fabric, while the round cord part will be shown outside. Therefore, piping cord is not only used for shaping the products but also decorate them.


piping cord for saddlery piping cord for bag

However, piping cord made from different material would have different application. For example, pillow and garment manufacturers usually choose nylon or polyester piping cord because of their products softness. But leather handbag designers would still choose leather piping cord to reach the goal of uniformity of the whole final bag. So traditional woven piping and leather welt cord are the most familiar piping cord for ordinary being. But more and more designers and manufacturers find a kind of new welt cord: TPU piping cord. Because of its feature of waterproof, hard and strong, TPU piping cord has better performance on shaping. Thus, TPU piping cord is generally used for tend, saddlery, fishing gear and other outdoor products. Moreover, more and more fashion bag is trying to use TPU piping cord to shape the bag and increase its fashion factor.


Finally, here we have some articles to talk about the application of TPU piping welt. Hope that helps you.

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