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One bus handle, brings you safety, creation and comfort

As for bus handles, most of you may be familiar with them. When you’re on the way to home or to work, the bus handles on buses and subways are everywhere.

So far, most of bus handles are made from nylon or polyester straps and hard plastic circles. Some passengers like to hang their hands through into the circles, then an embarrassed occasion occurred: hand gets stuck in bus handle.

bus handle accident

Besides, another safety problem occurs frequently. Because of long term using and rubbing, the nylon or polyester strap ruptures and causes passengers fall down, which is a big potential risk.



Compared with traditional bus handle, Sunmolin TPU bus handle has more advantages:

1. Eco-friendly. Choose high quality BASF flame proof TPU raw material. Will not free toxic substance in hot environment for a long time.

2. Comfortable. The width of TPU coated bus handle is 30 mm, which meets the size of most people’s hands.

3. Safe. 8-shaped design protects passengers hands from locking in the handles. Moreover, the strong TPU coated webbing has a strong function to prevent bus handle from rupturing.

4. Creative. 8-shaped bus handle can be engraved with custom pattern or matches custom ad buckle.

Some creative bus handle is not 8-shaped, but it has both pretty look and high safety factor with TPU coated webbing.

bus handle.jpgtpu coated bus handle

Last month, Sunmolin increased four production lines to meet the increasing orders. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us. We will try our best to give you the best service.

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