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What is E-TPU

Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, with the short name E-TPU, is a type of TPU material. E-TPU was invented by BASF in 2007.

For normal TPU material, it is cold resistant, wear-proof, stink-proof, oil resistant and had good resilience. Besides the advantage that same as normal TPU, the main feature of E-TPU is its light weight. Thus E-TPU is widely used in sport equipment.


1.Shoe soles

Adidas had already used E-TPU as the material of its shoe soles. With E-TPU shoe soles, the shoes has lighter weight and better leaping ability, which has better performance for running.


Now cycling is popular with more and more people. No matter for professional rider or amateurish one, a helmet is necessary. To protect rider’s head without adding weight, the helmet is made off E-TPU.


A playground refers to the safety. To decrease the injury when children fall over themselves, the ground must be soft enough to increase buffer. Rubber used to be a popular material for playground because of its elasticity, but the smell does harm to children’s health. Then the stink-proof E-TPU may be a good material to replace rubber. But the cost will be a problem to solve.

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