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Hair device

For lots of ladies or girls, long hair is preferred. Long hair has strong plasticity, which can suit many kinds of hair style. Besides centre-parting style, curly hair and pony tail, updo hair style is another popular daily style.

However, updo hair style is not very easy to make. We usually put our hair up in a mess even though we try half an hour. Thanks to people’s intelligence and laziness, a hair device can help us make a perfect updo hair style.

Firstly, let your hair across through the hair device. Then drag the hair device to a suitable spot close to hair end.

Secondly, hold the two ends of hair device and roll up with hair.

Thirdly, bent the hair device into a circle and fix it. An updo hair style done.

Besides beauty, there is still one important thing - health. As the hair device will inevitably touch your hair and skin, the material that made of hair device should be eco-friendly and does no harm to health. In the beginning, the wire-part is made from iron or aluminum wire. But it’s easy to get rusty. How about stainless steel? That’s too hard to roll by hand. So now manufacturers choose TPU coated aluminum wire to make the hair device. We have another article explain why don’t use PVC coated one.

Generally, a piece of TPU coated aluminum wire is flexible enough to be made into different shape by hand. In order to strengthen the hair device, some manufacturers will use two or three strips of TPU coated wire to make one hair device.


Here we have some details about TPU coated aluminum wire and hope it helps you.

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