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TPU coated wire: the secret of BJD

BJD (ball joint doll) is a kind of special doll that owns adjustable joints. Usually, BJD is 43 cm to 70 cm high, which is larger than common dolls. Thus BJD has a larger space to be remoulded. Owners can dress their dolls, change the makeup and hair, and even change the eye balls. So a BJD can really be attractive.

ball joint doll  bjd


The joint of BJD is made from the ball structure and connected with TPU coated wire rope, so as to keep the adjustability of the doll.

BJD tpu coated wire rope

Why choose TPU coated wire rope but not the uncoated one? Uncoated metal wire is easy to be oxidized. Of course, stainless steel can solve this problem, but it’s not soft enough to be adjusted as the joint. Thus TPU coated wire rope comes. Because of the outer coated TPU, the wire rope will not be oxidized easily. In addition, TPU will help the wire to be durable and not easy to break. Considering the collecting worth, BJD will be made of the best quality materials, no exception of TPU coated wire rope. Therefore, the inner wire rope should be the high quality aluminum wire while the outer covered TPU should be the best like which is from Japan, Korea.

Ps. The application pictures in this article is from internet.

TPU coated wire

   Anti-oxygen TPU coated wire for hat

    Diameter: 3 mm

    Finish: flat, transparent TPU coated

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