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DIY metal wire artware—basket


Some people like to DIY, not only for saving money but also for enjoying life. Metal wire is a usual material for DIY. Considering the practicability, I will choose the TPU coated metal wire. As we know, the metal wire is easy to rust, but when it outer coated with TPU, the metal wire will be more durable and also easier to clean.

Then, let’s create a lovely basket.


Step 1: material preparation

We should prepare the TPU coated metal wire in suitable length, pliers, a pencil and a glass.


Step 2: make two circles for the bottom and mouth of basket

Use the natural size and radian to make two circles. One is bigger and another is smaller.


Step 3: make the edges of basket

Use the natural radian of the side face of glass (Of course, other object has perfect radian is ok.) to make three edges of basket.


Step 4: combine the bottom, mouth and edges.

It’s easy to combine the bottom, mouth and edges together. To avoid the objects in basket fall out, add more metal wire is necessary.


Step 5: make the side face of basket

I choose the heart-shaped side. It’s easy to shape.


Step 6: make the handle

If you need, use the natural radian of the bottom of glass to make a half-circle.


Step 7: combine again

With the finish of the last step, we get a pretty basket.


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tpu coated wire

   TPU coated wire for craft

    Diameter: 3 mm

     Finish: flat, glossy

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