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What is TPU coated rope?

TPU coated rope is a kind of waterproof rope cord. This is the polyester rope cord outer coated with TPU. Within TPU, the polyester rope becomes water resistant and strong.


TPU is a kind of plastic material. But contrast with many other plastic materials, TPU is eco-friendly. TPU can be degraded into water when put in moist environment. During the procedure of degradation, TPU won’t produce substances that are harmful to environment, human, plants and animals. Moreover, TPU is stink-proof and will not release hazardous substance when touch human’s skin. Therefore, TPU coated rope is eco-friendly.


The inner rope of TPU coated rope is usually made from polyester. Compared with nylon or other textile materials, polyester has better consistency with TPU. Because TPU coated rope cord produced with extrusion technology, the inner polyester rope need to pass through the high-temperature machine. So polyester rope are supposed to be strong enough to endure high temperature. Its shrink range, high-temperature resistance and colour fastness are all being concerned.


TPU coated rope cord is usually used for outdoor products such as dog leash and surf leash. What’s more, it can also used in fashion bags. Here we have some TPU coated rope cord. If you are interested in, just contact us.

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