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How to store TPU coated webbing?

TPU coated webbing is the braided polyester webbing outer coated with TPU. It is a kind of waterproof, stink-proof and wear-proof webbing. For any product, we should store it appropriately to avoid the product get bad. No except for TPU coated webbing.


How to store TPU coated webbing before you use it?


First of all, keep it dry. TPU coated webbing is waterproof. But as for the feature of TPU, the performance of TPU coated webbing would change if it is stored in moist circumstance for long time.


Secondly, store TPU coated webbing in transparent bags. Any type of plastic would get ageing when exposed to air without using for long time. Then a packing bag plays a roll to isolate air and TPU coated webbing. But why transparent? The colored packing bags are dyed bags. We should avoid the possibility that TPU coated webbing stick to the color of dyed bags.


Thirdly, store TPU coated webbing in shady and cool. When exposed to the sun or placed in high temperature warehouse, TPU is easy to turn yellow. The changing will be more obvious for coated webbing with transparent TPU.

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