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How to connect coated webbing?

Webbing is widely used in many products such as bags and clothes. Of course, we can usually see several materials of webbing, including leather webbing, nylon webbing, polyester webbing and PU webbing. As a kind of special webbing, now TPU coated webbing is popular for outdoor products, and some fashion bags choose TPU coated webbing to replace leather or PU webbing. One important reason is that TPU coated webbing is waterproof and stink-proof. Besides, TPU coated webbing can also has shiny and flat appearance like a mirror.


Different from nylon webbing, TPU coated webbing is harder and stronger. TPU coated webbing is the polyester webbing outer coated with TPU. To connect coated webbing, we have several methods.


1. Sewing and stitching


TPU coated webbing can also be stitched. But we should use needles for leather sewing. Usually TPU coated webbing is harder than leather, so if we choose to connect TPU coated webbing by sewing and stitching, the thickness of coated webbing should below 1 mm.


2. Welding


Refers to the feature of TPU, TPU webbing can be welded through Radio Frequency. To reach stable effect after welding, we’d better choose thinner coated webbing.


3. Punching and riveting


This is the most stable connection for TPU coated webbing. Usually the thicker webbing will be punched and riveted. Because stitching and welding is not suitable for thicker webbing.

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