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Methods of dying webbing

Webbing dying is common and necessary in textile industry. Textile fibre has its own color, a kind of faint yellow. We called that natural color of webbing. So when we see a piece of white webbing, we should know that the webbing is dyed in white color.


There are several methods for dying webbing.


1.Traditional dying


If we only need one color on webbing, we can dye webbing in traditional way. Soak webbing into dye vats. Then the webbing can be dyed into any color.


green tpu coated webbing             green waterproof webbing



There are two common printing methods.

One is thermal transfer printing. Through this way, the dyestuff transfer to webbing by transfer paper in high temperature. In this way, webbing can be printed with several colors and much pattern. No matter how complicated the pattern is.

The other one is silk screen printing. When choose this method, workers should make printing block at first. The more complicate the pattern is, the more difficult to make printing block. So silk screen printing is suitable for some simple pattern with only one or two colors. Moreover, one more color, the price would be higher. On contrast, thermal transfer printing has the same price for one size of webbing in any color. Compared with thermal transfer printing, silk screen printing can help to print more clear pattern.


This three methods above are usual and common. All of them have their own advantages and shortages. Choose the most suitable way according to your demand.

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