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OMG! What a super usage of TPU coated belt!

When it comes to a belt, what do you think it can be used for? To avoid the pants fall up? or to decorate? Actually, a belt can do more things.


But first of all, you have to ensure that you have a TPU coated belt.



If your car broke down on the remote way when you didn’t take a car rope, what should you deal with your car? Yes, calling the trailer is a good idea, but what if the phone didn’t work? Just wait?


If you have a TPU coted belt, the problem about trailer can be solved. Just put off your belt and take it as a tow rope. Like this↓


However, one thing should be confirmed is that leather or nylon belt is not supposed to be as car rope. Because leather or nylon belt is not strong enough to support the weight of a car, so that the punched area will be easy to break. Of course, TPU coated belt will be damaged, too. So taking the TPU belt as a tow rope is the last method.


tow rope car

If you have a question why TPU belt is strong enough, the answer is here. TPU belt is the nylon webbing outer coated with TPU. After coating, the webbing becomes 3 times stronger than before. Generally, the thicker coated TPU leads to stronger webbing.

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