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Let TPU webbing save your fishing gear bag

Many people like fishing, and they may one of your families. So a fishing gear bag may be not strange for you. Generally, fishing gear bag should be waterproof and durable. Thus it will be made of waterproof and well-knit fabric.

However, some fishing bag manufacturers ignore the details: the straps of bags. Besides the waterproof body, the strap should also be waterproof and wear-proof. Many fishing amateurs like to put their fishing gears into the fishing bags, and put the bag down on the floor, generally the lawn. You know, the lawn is usually wet, especially after raining. Thanks to the waterproof bag body, your fishing gears will not be wet, but how about the bag strap? If your bag strap is normal nylon woven webbing, it will be a hard work to clean up the dirty strap. But if it is TPU webbing strap, you just need some water and a piece of cleaning clothes. Because of the Outer coated TPU, TPU webbing strap is waterproof and easy to clean.

fishing bag


By the way, the waterproof piping cord for shaping is also necessary. TPU piping cord is a good material to increase the waterproof property of fishing bag.

piping cord

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