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Shoes sewing

Some shoes are assembled only by glue, others may use both the glue and thread to strengthen the shoes. Of course, the shoes assembled only by glue will be easier to get adhesive failure. Adding the sewing thread will be much better. However, there is another question: the nylon thread is easy to break and difficult to clean.

Here we have a solution: TPU coated yarn.

Just as its name implied, TPU coated yarn is the yarn or thread outer coated with protected TPU. Common yarn is easy to break while the TPU coated yarn is wear proof. As we know, TPU is soft and wearable, thus the outer covered TPU will help to extend the life of thread largely.

In addition, TPU coated yarn is waterproof and cleanable. Then users dont need to worry about the color fading and blot of thread to influent the shoes.


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