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Something dirty in the woven webbing

Woven webbing is widely used in our life, and most of us usually have the close touch with the webbing. However, there is something unseen in the woven webbing.


For instance, the shopping cart in supermarket is a case.

webbing strap


Most parents bring their babies to the supermarket, but its impossible to hold the babies during the whole shopping time. So the shopping cart is a good place to take care the babies. Usually, shopping cart is designed a woven safety harness to increase the safety property. Actually, it does. But how about the unseen dirt in the woven webbing? Some supermarkets provide the wet tissue considerately, but it works little. Because there are lots of grains in the woven webbing, resulting into lots of place that are difficult to clean up.


What about giving up the safety harness? That may not a good idea.


Therefore, a plastic coated webbing maybe a good choice. Considering the health, TPU coated webbing is the best because TPU is eco-friendly and stink proof.



The smooth surface of TPU coated webbing is easy to clean and waterproof. A piece of wet tissue is enough to clean it up.


Ps. Some pictures of this article is from internet.

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