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How to choose the best horse bridle

Horse reins are ropes used to pull horses. They are used to control horses. There are many types of horse reins material. So do you know how to choose high-quality horse reins?

 tpu waterproof horse rein

Horse reins are more easy dirty than pet collars. Is there any good way to make the horse reins waterproof and durable?The answer of course is that the TPU coated nylon webbing! The horse rein made of tpu coated webbing is eco friendly, durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

TPU coated nylon webbing strap

Before that, we have proved this through experiments. Because the outer layer of the tpu coated webbing strap is covered with an eco friendly TPU material, the tpu has excellent high tensile strength, high tensile strength and aging resistance. It is an eco friendly material, and it also has antibacterial and mildew resistance properties. So it’s more durable than the horse reins made from ordinary nylon webbing!

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