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TPU coated nylon webbing for medical stretcher straps

The application of TPU coated webbing is very extensive. It can be applied not only to bus handle on buses, but also to pets as pet collars or traction ropes, such as dog collars or horse reins. Application case, why use a rubberized webbing for the simple reason.

dog collarshorse rein

As follows:

1. The TPU coated webbing uses imported TPU raw materials, while the tpu material is eco friendly and harmless thermoplastic material. It has strong physical properties, such as weather resistance and wear resistance. In addition, the TPU coated webbing is very easy to clean.

2. While the   is in use, it is mainly responsible for fixing the wounded, so that the quality of the webbing is strictly required. The medical stretcher strap of the ordinary nylon webbing is not wear-resistant, so the safety of the stretcher is not guaranteed.

medical stretcher strap coated webbing for medical stretcher strap

3. Nylon webbing is not only waterproof and not resistant to dirt. The most important thing is that it is easy to breed bacteria due to incomplete cleaning.

 Tpu coated webbing strap common medical stretcher strap

However, if you use a rubberized webbing, you can avoid this problem, because its water resistance is very good, you only need to dry the surface of the moisture, and will not breed bacteria.

Ps. The application pictures in this article is from internet.

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