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Wow! What the beautiful TPU coated bus handle!

Recently, more and more bus handle is made from TPU coated webbing. Usually, a bus handle is made of fireproof TPU, which is stronger and safer than common nylon bus handle. Do you still think a bus handle always look like that?

bus handle strap


Too young too simple! (Forgive my chinglish please…). In a word, human’s creation is more than you can image.


Look at this picture. This is the Disney subway line in Hong Kong. The whole subway carriage is filled with fairy tale and naivety. If you are the first time to take the lovely subway, I think you must want to take a photo.



The decorative crafts are Mickey Mouse, the windows are Mickey Mouse and even the subway handles are also Mickey Mouse.


bus safety handles


When fireproof TPU coated webbing combined with Disney elements, the subway handle become lovely and unique. At the same time, a subway handle’s original intention is retained.


Therefore, just as the saying shows that the devil is in the details, an unimpressive detail can be the symbol of a city. Disney’s subway line is the case. In people’s eyes, the subway filled with Mickey Mouse is just a dreamlike train which leads to the lovely dream world.


I believe that once one focus on doing one thing with creating thought for the whole life, god will appreciate it and give the return.


Ps. Some pictures of this article is from internet.

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