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The origin of Sunmolin

This is a history of Sunmolin, not great, but contains our concept.

When it comes to plastic, the smelly smoke comes out in people’s mind. But Sunmolin chooses TPU, the eco-friendly material that has no smell. Therefore, focusing on environmentally friendly products is the insistence of Sunmolin.

Sunmolin is the transcription of its Chinese name “双牧林”. The word ”双” means “two”, and in ancient China, “two” can be known as “a lot”. The word “牧” means “animals”, but it has the same pronunciation as “木”, which means “trees and wood”. And the word “林” means “forest”. In Sunmolin’s eyes, lot of trees form a forest, which has water, animals and insects. This is Sunmolin’s concept: We are always there for you wherever you are.

The main products of Sunmolin are divided into two types: TPU coated products and complete TPU products.

TPU coated products: webbing, dog collar, bus handle, rope, piping cord.

Complete TPU products: TPU elastic tape, beading thread, TPU hair band.

TPU coated webbing strap


But why TPU is the environmentally friendly material? TPU is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic polyurethanes, which can replace PVC as its eco-friendly feature. PVC is a kind of plastic used in almost every field, but it has to spend 3 to 5 years to resolve. Moreover, after resolving, PVC releases toxic chlorine, which pollutes the environment. On contrast, TPU only spend 1 year to resolve and release hydrogen and oxygen, for which TPU is more and more used to replace PVC. That the environmental benefits of TPU makes Sunmolin choose to focus on TPU products.



Environmentally friendly is always the pursuit and guidance of Sunmolin, and will be always on the way to invention.

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