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What is TPU coated webbing used for?

As a kind of waterproof webbing, TPU coated webbing is widely used in various fields, including bags, outdoor products, fashion garments, auto parts and so on. We have been describing what TPU coated webbing is in another article. Because TPU coated webbing isn’t actually known to all, especially to whom are not in industries that emphasize water resistance. However, once you need waterproof webbing, TPU coated webbing may match you.


Here we give some application of TPU coated webbing in different industries.


1.Fishing bag


Some fishing lovers have high requirement for fishing tools. For example, a waterproof fishing bag and a waterproof battery bag. The bag in the picture below is from Shimano, a famous fishing product brand in Japan. The body of bag is made from hard plastic and thermal insulation material. The handles and strap are made of TPU coated webbing, including solid color black glossy webbing and transparent coated webbing.


waterproof fishing bag waterproof battery bag

2.Fashion laptop bag


A brand that focus on waterproof garments and bags issues a waterproof laptop bag. The body of bag is made from PVC while the straps are made of TPU coated webbing. They choose matte solid black coated webbing to match the matte yellow body.


waterproof laptop bag

3.Climbing gaiters


Mountaineers are familiar with gaiters. It is useful to protect mountaineers feet from being wet, which requires gaiters must be waterproof. Besides the waterproof fabric of the body part, the straps for combining gaiter and shoes should not only be waterproof but also be strong and wearable. So the straps are made of TPU coated webbing.


gaiter    gaiter

4.Bus handle


Bus handle is one of auto parts. Compared with traditional bus handle that made from hard plastic, TPU coated webbing bus handle is much more soft. But considering the safety standard of auto parts, bus handle or subway way handle will be made of fireproof TPU coated webbing.


TPU webbing bus handle

Besides the four application above, TPU coated webbing has much other application that we dont know or do. In one word, TPU coated webbing can be widely used in lots of industries. Because it can be sewed, welded, punched and riveted. If you are interested in, click here to know more application.

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