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TPU coated webbing VS Ordinary webbing

The market for TPU coated webbing is growing. Mainly because of its product advantages. The first is the use of eco-friendly TPU raw materials, the second is the appearance of a strong sense of design, and the third is that it has strong functionality. The significant difference between the tpu coated webbing and the ordinary webbing is that the outer layer of the coated webbing is covered with TPU. TPU is an environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer. It can make the plastic coated webbing more durable and resistant to dirt.

Here we list some different points between TPU coated webbing and ordinary webbing below.

Ordinary webbing:

1.Easy to break

2.Easy to dirty, easy to mold

3.Not durable

4. Not eco-friendly

TPU coated webbing:


2.Mildew resistant



The durable TPU coated webbing has a wide range of use.  It can be used for pet collars, horse reins, backpack belts, etc. For example, traditional nylon or leather pet collars are not waterproof, easy to dirty and difficult to clean. Waterproof TPU dog collars can avoid these problems. Because TPU coated webbing is so easy to clean that gently wiping can remove stains.

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