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Why choose TPU coated webbing as helmet chin strap

Sports protective equipment is an essential protection tool for people in the process of sports. It can protect people in sports and reduce injuries. It generally includes head protector, shoulder protector, hand protector, wrist protector, waist protector, leg protector, combined sports protective equipment, and other sports protective equipment,etc.


SUNMOLIN TPU coated webbing can be applied to helmet chin strap and helmet anti-slip strap in sports protective gear. In fact, the main audience of these products are football, baseball and softball users, because football is a very intense sports, athletes need to protect their heads and other important parts.These sports require the athletes to fasten their armor at first. Fixing the helmet is the second point. It is supposed to secure the lower jaw in a safe position; The last thing is to keep the helmet stable and not allow it to slide easily. So we need to choose the most suitable belt as a sports belt.

The reason for choosing TPU coated webbing for sports protective gear belts is that the TPU coated webbing has high tensile force, wear resistance, water resistance, high toughness and high strength. Besides, it is not easy to deform under the strong action of punching or riveting holes. The armor connecting belt made by TPU webbing is stronger and more durable than the traditional webbing belt.Chin belt and helmet skid belt is mainly made of eco friendly PVC coated webbing,Polyester TPU coated webbing and Polyether TPU coated webbing.

Besides the advantage of TPU webbing itself, helmet chin strap may also require new better belt. On the one hand, chin belt and helmet skid belt requires that the belt material is not harmful to the skin, avoid allergies; On the other hand, the chin belt and the slip belt should be waterproof, sweat resistant and skidproof. On contrast, the traditional braided webbing belt aborbs sweat, dirt and bacterium, which is not as easy to clean as TPU coated one.

Now, many high-end helmets are used TPU webbing or solid strap as chin strap. However, there are also some difference between TPU webbing and solid strap. We will state it briefly next time.

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