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What are the characteristics of TPU watchband compared to leather watchband?

TPU is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane resin elastomer between rubber and plastic. It is a new type of eco-friendly material. It is different from other rubber and plastic materials. It has good elasticity, antibacterial and abrasion resistance. Compared with leather straps, TPU straps has its own advantage. Here we show two.


Firstly, the TPU strap adopts advanced pressure injection molding process, which is formed many times during the injection process. Each section of the watchband has a variety of hardness. Therefore, the structure of TPU strap is firm like a metal watchband, and the wrist is softer than a leather watchband.


Secondly, the TPU strap can be treated with a matte surface, which is soft and comfortable to wear. Of course, some special embossing pattern is also accepted.


As to the obvious advantage, TPU strap is widely used for watchbands. Besides TPU straps, we can see leather straps and ordinary plastic watchband in the market. Then let's see the comparison among them.

1. The advantages of TPU watchband compared with ordinary plastic watchband:

The TPU watchband is not made of ordinary plastic materials, but is made of silicone-based polymer materials. It has no shortcomings such as brittleness, aging, and discoloration of ordinary plastic straps. At the same time, TPU watchband will not easy to break or fading due to sweat.


2. The advantages of TPU watchbands compared to leather watchbands:

The biggest disadvantage of leather watchbands is that under the combined action of human sweat and body temperature, bacteria are prone to breed, deteriorate and damage the bands finally. But TPU strap will not be corroded by human sweat because of its stable chemical properties.

With the developing of technology, we can got more and more advanced materials to replace some original materials. As a kind of recycled material, TPU is being used in more and more fields now.

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