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Why webbing need TPU to coated

Coated webbing is common products in our live,The webbing is used in a wide range of applications, covering all aspects of life,last time,we have a experiment prove about  plastic coated webbing is durable than common webbing,Then the experiment  make know  waterproof coated webbing is very clearable,make the webbing have more resistant to high temperature hydrolysis and good resistance.But? why we choose TPU to coated the webbing? Next,let Sunmolin tell you answer!

TPU material

Firstly, everyone may be unfamiliar with to TPU, after all, we have also exposed to a wide range of materials such as PC / PE/ PVC etc  plastic materials,so what about TPU?  without exception,it’s belong plastic material too,but in different,TPU material is eco-friendly ,nontoxic and harmless. After that,TPU have different hardness,you can customize different hardness materials according to the characteristics of the product,yes!Sunmolin coated webbing strap can Meet your needs.Secondly,TPU can make you product keeping Good resistance,oil resistance and antibacterial resistance,can Recovery decomposition!

TPU coated nylon webbing

So TPU coated webbing is you optimum selection !

To know more details about the quality products of the TPU plastic coated nylon webbing, please visit our website.

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