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Mouldproof degree of TPU

It is known to all that TPU is mouldproof, but what’s the mouldproof degree of TPU? First of all, let’s talk about the mouldproof degree of plastic.


There are four mouldproof degrees for plastic from 0-3 grades. The degree of 0 is the best while at 3 or below is the lowest level. In the mould test in 28 days, plastic in different degrees has different state.


0: Fungal spores aren’t seen to grow through microscope.

1: Fungal spores are seen to grow through eyes. But it covers less than 10%.

2: Fungal spores are seen to grow though eyes and the coverage is between 10% and 25%.

3: The coverage of fungal spores is over than 25%.


Generally, mouldproof degree of TPU is at 1 because of TPU’s property. Sometimes, the medical or food grade TPU is at 0 degree.

coated webbing

So, TPU is widely used in lots of fields such as medical treatment, pet accessories, garment accessories.

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