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TPU piping cord production

TPU piping cord is produced by extrusion technology. Extrusion is one of the ways to process plastic materials, which is the process of extruding molten raw material into a specific shape through an extruding machine. Generally, the product that produced through extrusion can be infinitely long except being interrupted by something. As a manufacturer of TPU, PVC and silicone webbing or cord, we talk about how’s TPU or PVC piping cord produced. To produce a piece of TPU or PVC piping cord, the technical staff should do some works below:


TPU piping cord pvc piping cord

1. Feeding. Put the raw material into the hopper of the extruder. Whether TPU or PVC material to put is depends on the product you are going to produce. There also one important step should to down before feeding machine: dry the raw material. Or the final product will have flaw because of the moisture in raw material.


2. Melting. When the machine is taken on, the material will be heated by the machine. When the temperature reached to melting point of materials, the material will melt into a viscous liquid. During the melting process, staff should stir the material to help it melt. Different material has different melting point. For example, TPU has the lowest melting point while silicone owns the highest one. And PVC is on the middle level.


3. Extrusion. After melting the raw material, it can be extruded into any shape we want. Just a shape mould should be created. But one thing should be emphasized. Through extrusion, the product can only be shaped the cross section, which means that we will get the same shape of objects when it be cut at any point. The only difference is the length.


4. Cooling. Extruded products should be rapidly cooled and solidified by water cooling or fan equipment. Generally, most of extrusion machines exist choose water cooling. Through timely cooling, TPU or PVC piping cord can maintain its shape, including the width, thickness and diameter.


Hereto, we get piping cord. But it isn’t the final product because package is also one important part. Poor package will damage the product. Especially after long-distance transport. To guarantee the integrity of products and help customers to use products more conveniently, TPU piping cord will be packed by several package below:


1. Roll package. One roll of TPU piping cord will have fix length. Then the roll will be packed in plastic bags or cartons. The length of one roll is depends on the size of piping cord. Larger size will have short length while smaller size will be longer.


2. Cutting. Cut the TPU piping cord to the required length and put it in a plastic bag or box. This type of package will cost more. Cutting the cord is another process. The cost includes cutting machine and labor. Putting short piece of TPU piping into bag cost more bags and labor time. Therefore, this is not the regular package for most of factory but the customization.


Here we have a video to show how TPU piping cord produced. There are lots of details and matters needing attention in industrial manufacture. Though producing TPU piping cord is not as easy as we show in this article, we hope it can answer some of your question.

--- Video ---

video of TPU piping cord production

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