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Difference between TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing

Coated webbing is one kind of waterproof webbing, which is the polyester webbing outer coated with plastic material. Generally, the outer plastic is TPU or PVC. For TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing, there are some differences.




It’s known to all who are involved in plastic industry that TPU is a kind of eco-friendly plastic material. TPU can be resolved into water and other nontoxic substances. PVC can not be resolved in natural environment, so it must be dealt through incineration processing. When PVC is burned, it releases toxic gas to pollute the air and soil, which takes part in ecological cycle and finally affect human’s health. So the eco-friendly property makes TPU coated webbing suit for global green trend.




Generally, PVC should be added plasticizer to receive elasticity and softness. But TPU is an elastic material itself, so plasticizer is not necessary. Because of the feature of TPU and PVC, PVC coated webbing is softer than TPU one.


3.Processing difficulty


TPU is more difficult to process than many other plastic materials. Especially when producing matte TPU coated webbing, it’s not easy to avoid the bright lines on surface. Compared with TPU, PVC is easier to control the appearance. Though TPU has it’s processing difficulty, Sunmolin is trying to solve the appearance problem. Now we can produce matte TPU coated webbing without any bright lines on surface. If you are interested in, please contact us. 

The difference between TPU coated webbing and PVC coated webbing is not only three points beyond. Because of the environmentally friendly trends, TPU will be used in more and more fields; because of the limit of technology, PVC is still a type of important plastic material in industry field.

matte tpu coated webbing

   Matte / shiny TPU coated webbing

    Width: 25 mm

    Thickness: 1.5 mm

    Finish: matte, shiny embossed

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pvc coated webbing

   Soft PVC coated webbing

    Width: 25 mm

    Thickness: 1 mm

    Finish: matte, soft, matte

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